Antibody-Drug Conjugate Single-Use Isolator from Solo Containment – A true single use Toxin Linker handling solution that maximises safety with the benefit of zero cleaning validation

Solo Containment is recognized as leaders in the field of single-use high containment systems. With ample containment test data to validate our claims – Therefore, the Antibody-Drug Conjugate Single-Use isolator is the product of an extensive R&D programme to increase operator protection from high hazard materials in a solvent handling environment.

The new Solo Antibody-Drug Conjugate Single-Use isolator design incorporates advanced features like an automated pressure decay test prior to each start cycle. This will send the control panel into alarm if any leakage is detected across the entire flexible enclosure system. Due to the very low-level containment performance target, Solo realised that the Achilles heel of many flexible film isolation systems – enclosure change over needed special attention. With all 2019 designs from Solo, the HEPA filters and continuous liner ports are “single use” items. The safety factor was increased yet further by sequential automated valves enabling the entire contaminated flexible enclosure assembly to be collapsed by fan vacuum. This ensures the contaminated enclosure stays at negative pressure throughout the changeover period.

  • Containment performance sub 1.0 ng/M³

  • Solvent resistant glove sleeves & base

  • Automatic enclosure leak test system

  • Heavy Duty 500micron anti-static PVC film construction

  • Tool free enclosure removal as complete assembly

  • No API contamination of Stainless steel parts

  • 2 x stage H14 exhaust filters in disposable housing

  • Electronic automatic flow control fan with inbuilt enclosure leak test protocol (24V DC x 50W max current 2.35A )

Solo have included solvent resistant CSM (formerly Hyperlon®) arm length gauntlets and a 100 litre spill capacity solvent resistant bund tray.

  • Height adjustable stainless steel table with power sockets

  • Gas tight access zip door

  • Gas tight ball valves with automated control from fan

  • Disposable tube line connection ports

  • Disposable 30M heat sealable continuous liner exit port

  • Adjustable height magnetic stirrer shelf

  • Adjustable height peristaltic pump shelf

  • Typical weight 150Kg depending on final specification

Antibody-Drug Conjugate Single-Use Isolator - Controls
Antibody-Drug Conjugate Single-Use Isolator - Disposable Liner
Antibody-Drug Conjugate Single-Use Isolator - Height adjustable table
Antibody-Drug Conjugate Single-Use Isolator - Stirrer Shelf